Motala Verkstad Group (MVG) is an engineering company with core expertise in processing, manufacturing, advanced welding, and qualified assembly and installation of heavy and medium-heavy industrial systems and products.

  • MVG is a production partner to major industrial players
  • A sourcing and supply management partners
  • Subcontractors with excellence in the manufacturing of components and subsystems

MVG consists of four companies: Motala Verkstad, FM Industries in Malmö, MVG in Kristinehamn Höje (formerly Scana Machining) and MVG in Gustavsvik, Kristinehamn (formerly Rolls-Royce machine workshop). All of which have a long history in Swedish industry and are today leading market players in their respective fields.

The Company's customers' business areas are well distributed in established markets as well as the expansive newer industries which provide stability and opportunities for growth.

Revenue is currently about 275 million. The group increase volume and profitability mainly through:

  • Expansion possibilities in the industrial segment
  • Acquisitions

CEO: Anders Holm
Region: Sweden
Industry: Engineering
Focus: Production partner with four differentiated production units
Turnover: 275 million SEK
Employees: 170